Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jared's Thoughts on Santa

(First attempt, apparently created with his friend Connor)
If you ask me "Christmas" is the best time of the year.  When else do we get to sing songs about a big fat guy, open presents around a dead tree, and eat candy out of a big sock. Merry Christmas

(Second attempt)
What about Santa?
There's not a lot to write about Santa. I mean Christmas is fun and all, but how did we get from the birth of Christ. To a big commercial racket. I mean, we can only celebrate one thing at a time. It's like the scripture "you can only serve one master." I just get confused. Where do the lights come in? Who came up with giving presents to each other? And why do we celebrate Santa and Jesus at the same time.

(Mother's note: He does actually know the answer to all these questions, he is just being a 13 year old, as if that wasn't obvious from his first attempt, and I love it!)

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